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This is the story of Charlotte Louise Low.

Charlotte was born at 24 weeks on 15th July 2007, nearly 4 months early. She weighed just 1 lb 9 oz at birth, which after the usual “Honeymoon Period” fell to her lowest weight of 1 lb 5oz.

Her Story began with the start of her journey through life, and the ups and downs of her time as an extremely premature baby in the Neonatal Intensive care unit.

At the start of Charlotte’s story, all those months ago, she was fighting for survival and it was not known if she would ever come home to her Mummy and Daddy.

However, Charlotte proved to be an amazing fighter and finally returned home on Sunday 21st October 2007. 98 days after her birth. This day is celebrated in a special section, The Homecoming.

Charlotte’s story now enters a new phase.

Now home her story continues. Her diary entries and photos will now be updated monthly with the latest news of her development and results on her many appointments with Doctors and Consultants.

From the Daily Mail 13th December 2007